SPAM’s first Distinguished Visitor: Claire Jean Kim, Nov 16

We at SPAM are thrilled to announce that Professor Claire Jean Kim (Political Science and Asian American Studies, University of California Irvine) will be visiting Concordia on Nov 16 as this year’s Distinguished Visitor hosted by the SPAM Centre and co-sponsored by CISSC, the Department of English, and the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.

Prof. Kim will deliver a talk, “Murder and Mattering in Harambe’s House”, which approaches the controversy over the killing of the gorilla Harambe in the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016 as a unique window onto the making of animalness and blackness in the contemporary U.S. The talk is from 7-9pm on Nov 16, in room HH 431.

We’d also like to invite grad students (as well as faculty) to participate in an afternoon reading seminar with Prof. Kim, also on Nov 16. We’ll meet from 3pm-4.30pm in room HH 1252 to discuss the two readings:
-Kim, Claire Jean. Forthcoming. Abolition. In Critical Terms in Animal Studies, ed. Lori Gruen, University of Chicago Press.
-Sexton, Jared. 2010. People-of-Color-Blindness: Notes on the Afterlife of Slavery. Social Text 103 28 (2): 31-56.

Please email rosemary[dot]claire@gmail[dot]com to sign up for the seminar and for a copy of the readings.



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