SPAM welcomes Christiane Bailey for a talk on Oct 26

Please join us for Christiane Bailey‘s talk, Animal Liberation Beyond Veganism: From Social Disobedience to Civil Disobedience, at 4pm on Oct 26 in room 1267 of the Hall Building. Christiane is a PhD Candidate studying animal philosophy at the Université de Montréal.

Here is what Christiane will address in her talk, in her own words: “Are we justified to break the law to help animals? Are illegal direct actions for animals taking us a step too far, or are these actions justified and even morally obligatory? In this talk, I outline the main objections against illegal actions for animals in the animal rights literature (Regan, Singer and Francione), and defend direct actions like those performed by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), namely theft (i.e. rescue), trespassing, and property damage. Using an ecofeminist and intersectional approach to social justice, I propose some limits to our duty to help animals and some guidelines for effective, respectful, and politically progressive actions to help animals in solidarity with other social justice struggles.



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